End Slats


Heavy-duty and Tight Seal

When the rollshutters is closed, the end slats produced from extruded aluminum provide a heavy-duty, thermally insulating tight seal. The color designs for the end slats can be selected from the comprehensive color palette. The finishing process is performed on Premier rollshutters own coating system by applying the high-quality powder coating, which conforms to the highest quality standards.

Energy saving
  • Tightly closing end slats provide thermal insulation and therefore savings on energy costs
  • Heavy-duty, extruded aluminum end slats
  • Unhindered winding up of curtain thanks to backstop function
  • Security option: possibility to slide in flat steel
  • Optimised noise insulation: +10 dB
  • A wide range of designs: hidden backstop, stopping block or backstop with angled end slat
  • Surface with high-quality powder coating
  • Wide selection of colors