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A locally owned company located in Vernon BC.

We specialize in quality custom made rollshutters for commercial, retail and residential applications.

Premier Rollshutters offers many solutions including security, privacy, glare reduction and room darkening effects. Premier Rollshutters are made from high quality aluminum and are filled with high density foams and resins for ultimate strength and durability. All rollshutters are fabricated in our warehouse in Vernon, BC.


We work together as a passionate group of people with your security in mind

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Why Get Premier Rollshutter

Rollshutters are the perfect solution for any home or business owner looking to increase security for their property. Rollshutters can be used to protect windows and entryways, improve thermal insulation, protect against fire, weather and more.
Get rollshutters for your windows, or use them internally to divide internal spaces and hide spaces without the need for walls or doors. Our rollshutters are incredibly versatile, and allow you to get creative with your use of them. If you’re looking for rollshutters In British Columbia Canada, browse our range today, and see the difference high-quality rollshutters can make for your property.
  • Industry leading surface coating
  • Reliable realisation of individual building projects
  • Shortest reaction and delivery times guaranteed
  • First class technical support
  • 100% objectively controlled quality