Protect your business from vandals and thieves. Secure your investment against costly insurance claims. Prevent glass breakage and break-ins. Superior quality, strength and tested against extreme force. Premier rollshutters is a solution for protection, self assurance and a preventative way to save you money. The horizontal slats are made from high-density foams and resins to ensure heavy-duty strength and are locked securely into the guide rails. It has been conclusively proven that homes without security systems are much more likely to be burgled than those with some form of visible security protection. With Premier Rollshutters, you'll ward off burglars or at least ensure that they give up discouraged.

Premier rollshutters are quiet, provide smooth operation and are easy to use and maintain. Rollshutters can come motorized or can be operated manually with a hand crank. They can also be operated by a wireless handheld remote or can be hardwired into a wall switch or key switch control. .

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  • Toni & Armadeep
    “ I highly recommend Premier to anyone wanting rollshutters installed In their place of business. My partner and I were extremely happy with the results and the overall appearance. Since they were installed 7 months ago, there hasn’t been any attempted break ins. Best investment ever for our business! Thanks James”
    Toni & Armadeep
  • Annette Hopkins
    “ Due to my night shifts, I needed to find a solution to keep my room dark as I sleep during the day. Now I find that with the rollshutters it keeps my room dark plus it keeps my room cool. Wonderful customer service and the price was fair”.
    Annette Hopkins
  • Aaron Hertz
    “Great work Premier! Very professional crew, quick and was nice to do business with a local company!”
    Aaron Hertz
  • Jim White
    “Thank you Premier, now I have peace of mind that my business is safe from thieves. It was a long time coming and now that it is done, I can sleep better at night knowing that my shop is protected”.
    Jim White
  • Tomas & Ellie
    “ James and his crew were absolutely amazing! Everything went so smoothly. We love our new rollshutters”
    Tomas & Ellie